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Town Creek Prescreening

Cut and pasted from my original blog:  http://www.myspace.com/greyeyegoddess

Some spoilers shared, and really, unless you are into the following actors or into light horror and suspense, skip the page.

While friends on the east coast were getting a sneak peak at "PS I Love You" last week, I was on the west coast catching the first screening of a horror/suspense movie called, "Town Creek"; directed by Joel Schumacher, starring Dominic Purcell (Prison Break), Henry Cavill (The Tudors) and Michael Fassbender (300, Hex).  Thanks to Raynbow and #99 for hooking me up.  I had been waiting to see this movie for quite sometime.

First of all, I'm not a horror fan, but I love vampire movies.  I know…doesn't make sense because you can't have one without the other, for the most part.  I don't like the pain, suffering and gore, but I enjoy the intellectual banter, the supernatural powers, and manipulative grasp that most vampires possess.  There have been some great actors who've played vampires in the past.

So on to the movie.  As someone who appreciates Michael's work, I was very interested in seeing what Joel had in store for Michael in this.  As a fan, I'll probably write more about him in this review. 

The story is this:  a family has been suspended in time by a Nazi occultist, Wirth (played by Michael), who is close to the end of his immortal transformation, and two brothers, Evan and Victor (played by Henry and Dominic), have to stop him before it's too late.

The movie was slated to be a vampire movie, but my idea of vampires wasn't quite the same idea as the story in the movie.  Granted, Wirth did have to feed on blood, but there wasn't any fangs popping out.  No biting necks.  No turning into other creatures, or flying.  I kind of missed those. 

There were a few "ewwww" moments.  The movie wasn't gory enough to be gore…and I liked that.  There was just enough to get the feeling of how bad the bad guy was, but not enough to have to turn my head away…until the end.  You do get blood (expected); there are deaths (ok…).  I think that most of the special effects will be done around Wirth and a lot of those scenes still had to be worked on, so maybe more gore effects will be added.  I don't know.

What I thought was different was that when Wirth brought creatures and people back to life, they were zombie-like; not vampires…although they were mean as anything.  Wirth also had control of those he brought to life.

I really enjoyed the first 10 minutes of the story, because you got to see where everything started, plus as a fan of Michael's, you actually get to SEE him.  His character is mysteriously manipulative.  He befriends the child daughter of the family that he had been sent to, and from there, she becomes like a servant to him.  In fact, the four-member family winds up serving him out of fear for their lives. 

After those scenes from the beginning, the next time you see Wirth, he looks like something between Hellraiser-without the pins and Freddy Krueger.  It wasn't easy to see Michael like that, but he did a great job at it.  His character had to show his eccentric desire in becoming immortal, and I think Michael succeeding in doing that, even with his face completely covered and made up.

(And as an added blurb, I was not very happy at having to see his face covered up! )

One of the transformations was a bit interesting…without spoiling it; the last part of the change was "growing" a third eye.  But he had to…um…find a spot where it would grow…on his face…and how it comes about…was one of the "ewwww" factors for me-not enough to turn my head though.

I have to admit that I really liked Henry's work in the movie.  I was impressed with his intensity.  I've seen some of his work and have enjoyed what he's done.  Fans of Henry's will like this because he's all over the place in this movie.  His character eventually befriends the young girl, now a teen, played by Emma Booth and they work together to try to defeat Wirth, with Dominic.

Henry's character is a little more sensitive to the situations around the area.  He's a paramedic and sees a lot of pain and his job is to alleviate pain.  At one point, he attempts to save someone else from the same fate that fell on Dominic's character.  There's a sensitivity that Henry displays, especially towards the end of the movie. 

Dominic's character is just out to get the guy who kept him prisoner for 2 years.  Once he escapes from Wirth, he comes back with guns, ammo, attitude and his brother.  He's a man on a serious mission with little time to explain.  Dominic's character had just come from Iraq before he disappeared, to be fed to the creature formerly known as Wirth.

I really don't know Dominic's work, but if you like what he does on Prison Break, you'll enjoy this too.  Dominic and Henry work really well together.  They are definitely the heroes in a bittersweet victory. 

One particular scene that stuck with me at the end, has Dominic looking out into the lake during a welcome home party.  One has to imagine what he was thinking and how his two year disappearance and his war experience measure up against each other.  It's probably one of the quietest scenes in the movie as it comes to an end. 

There's not a lot of dialog for most of the movie, because it's mainly action and suspense.  Most of the dialog is spent in the first 30 minutes to help give the audience the background of the movie.  After that, the action and suspense (and some horror) get you going through the movie, with some heated dialog between characters; a little argument between brothers about signing up for the service, a couple of verbal and physical standoff between Wirth and Victor, arguments with the family and Evan, threats from Victor to the family, commands from Victor to Evan, and the like.  It's the kind of dialog you could expect when under a lot of pressure. 

The lake that Henry and Dominic have to cross to get to Town Creek had breathtaking scenery. 

The last I heard was that this movie was going to be released in the summer.  I'm finding it hard to believe that this movie could be up there with the summer blockbusters, but if you aren't interested in tons of special effects and CGI, you can give this movie a go.  It's a bit rustic and gritty.  It may be released within 3-6 months. 

The movie wasn't what I thought it was going to be, but then that was probably a good thing because it opened my mind to other possibilities.  Plus, screened movies usually aren't completed.  The movie I saw could be a little different by the time it's released.  All in all, it was entertaining and I enjoyed it.  And for a little extra tidbit, Mr Schumacher was in attendance at the showing.