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Super Con 2008, San Jose, CA

Wonder which blog will hit the alerts first?  I hate being repetitive, but when one doesn't work, you gotta keep trying until you get something that hits the alerts. 

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Ok, I've done enough gushing to last a while, although I woke up to some crazy pictures online--party pictures, and I'm still laughing after hours of viewing them.  My comment?  Who says white boys can't dance?  LOL! (you have to go back to the original blog to understand what that meant)

There's definitely something about people from out of the states.  They are less inhibited about a lot of things.  I was just hanging out with some over the weekend.  One from London, and one from New Zealand-both men, both out of my age range, but still charming.  When I met the guy from London, I exclaimed, "I LOVE London!"  And he quickly replied, in his London accent, "And London loves you back!"  I was stunned for a moment, because I didn't quite get it, or my hearing was off...or what I heard didn't quite register with my brain.  Old age...LOL!

Ok, so back to the weekend-Super-con.  Monday last week, Steve, the owner of the convention, called me to make sure that I was going to be there, because he had a special job for me.  Ok, I was coming down.  The job was to sit with Jorge Garcia from Lost.  Cool!  I love doing that--sitting, helping out and getting to know entertainers.  I learn a lot from entertainers, and during the two days I watch, listen, observe and take notes. 

So Saturday came.  Got to San Jose Convention Center really early.  As the starting time descended upon us, in walked Jorge and his troupe--His manager and his girlfriend.  I've never sat with a manager before, and from earlier experience of having dealt with such people, I wasn't too fond of managers.  Managers and agents are the bad guys to the entertainers' sweet natures...well, those who are sweet and accommodating to their fans.  I was ready to be set aside and not handle anything with Jorge...but happily, to my surprise, Jorge's manager was a hoot and a half!  He had me in stitches with little tricks he was playing with people around him.  He was business all the way, but he had a great sense of fun.  He brought along  his son, Daniel Logan, who played a young Boba Fett in the early Star Wars Episodes. 

Daniel and Supercon family

I kept watching Daniel going back and forth between his tables and Jorge's tables, thinking that he's got to be pacific islander.  He reminded me of a few of my cousins--excited, happy, and full of energy...lol!  When we had a chance to talk, I straight out asked him, What is your nationality?  He proceeded to tell me he was adopted, but that his real dad was part Samoan...and something else.  I stopped at Samoan, and told him that my mother is Tongan.  So we hit it off quite well from there.  Later on, we talked about what he wants to do with his career.  Ideas were swarming in my head.  I haven't seen anything but Star Wars, and he was really good as a little kid.  He's 20 now.  I'd really like to see him work, to see what he can do.  Then from there, see where he can go. 

Ok, for what you really want, right? 

Jorge Garcia.  I have to solely admit that I've never seen a full episode of Lost.  And I only have one excuse...it used to be on opposite to Smallville.  But I should be watching it, if only for the scenes in Hawaii.  I love shows made in the islands and San Francisco.  I decided a long time ago, that I'd just wait until all the dvds are available or when the show goes to syndication, to watch it.  I know it's a huge phenomenon, but since I didn't get to watch it in the beginning, I'll be making it up later on.

Even though I hadn't watched the show, I knew who Jorge was.  During the weekend, he was very nice, very funny, and very accommodating with fans.  His girlfriend was very sweet, and very caring.  There was a moment during a panel that she asked me to give him water.  I hadn't noticed that he needed it, but she was quick to recognize that he needed care. 

It's always fun to watch entertainers react to fans, just as fans react to entertainers.  I had a slight moment with Wil Wheaton, who came to the con, too.  We were in line for food and water, and I chatted with him for a moment.  He introduced himself, which I think is awesome, but at this kind of a convention, he probably doesn't need an introduction.  I knew who he was, and I kind of gushed.  lol! 

Back to Jorge.  He had flown in from Hawaii just for this convention.  It was great to hear about Hawaii and some of the things going on there.  Because I was busy handling the funds for autographs and answering questions for fans, I didn't get to spend as much time as I usually do with other people.  But as the days slowed down near closing time, I had my time to just sit, talk, watch, and listen.  It was funny to hear him and his manager talk about lava-lavas.  I'm not used to hearing non-Polys talk about lava-lavas, and again, it caught me off guard.  I asked both men that if they happen to come to Wondercon, if they would wear their lava-lavas, and they agreed IF they would make it to San Francisco.  So, I'll be waiting.  lol! 

For those who don't know what lava-lavas are, they are the wrap arounds that islanders wear, acceptable for men to wear...actually, very nice!  And very comfortable.

Not one time did I hear Jorge say, Dude!  He may have sneaked one in, talking to some of the artists who came to visit him, but I don't remember him saying it at all.  I know the days were long for him during the convention, but I really appreciated him and his manager and girlfriend for coming.  And many of the Lost fans had such a great time meeting up with Jorge.  I really like watching people who sincerely admire someone's work.  Fans smiled and gushed, and Jorge handled everyone professionally.  There were times to goof off...see below...

When Jorge would leave for a break, he looked like any other fan at the convention.  I watched people pass by him, taking a second look to see if he was who he was.  It was fun to watch and I giggled to myself.  I've second looked before--see one of the Jet Setting blogs. 

I ran into Jorge in a cafe with his girlfriend during our first lunch break, and he turned around and really thanked me for taking care of him with the fans.  I just though, Aww...what a really sweet guy!  He was very sincere and gave me a wonderful hug when it came time to leave the show. 

I'd love to tell you more about the panel, but I didn't get to see all of it.  Jorge was very entertaining, though.  Sorry Lost fans.  Jorge was scheduled to do a second panel, but the schedule didn't work out.  I was going to video record it.  Didn't happen. 

Jorge was just awesome to hang out with.  I'd work for his manager in a minute.  I'm still feeling very good from the weekend. 

I had a blast, meeting up with people I hadn't seen in a while.  Hey Val!  Hey Jeff and friend!  And a few other people I recognize.  Kind of made me feel like a celeb for a moment with the attention I was getting...lol!
Ok, as you read this, let me reiterate what it's like to work at these cons and what to expect when you come...

Even in this economy, you will be expected to pay for an autograph.  If it's a big celeb name, and they were flown out here just to appear, the autographs pay for the con owners to pay the celeb fee for appearing.  It costs the con owners hotel and flight, plus appearance fees.  Appearance fees aren't cheap.  With smaller cons like Super-con, you get an intimate setting with your favorite entertainers and artists.  So, no groaning, ok?  Most of the time, it's not the celeb charging the fees, it is the owners.  There are instances where the celeb will only sign if he or she charges.  Please get that through your head. 

Charging fees also allows entertainers and artists to get what they deserve from those who sell their autographs on Ebay.  Why should someone else make money off of their autographs?  Especially when they gave it away for free?  In a way, it's a small deterrent.  If you really want an autograph, you'll pay for it at a convention. 

For those entertainers who are inbetween jobs, charging for autographs is a way to make some kind of salary until the next paying job shows up.  They usually pay their own way to get to the convention.  Wil Wheaton drove up from L.A, as he mentioned to fans.  I'm sure he wasn't the only one.

You will also be expected to pay for a photograph most of the time.  Even if it's your own camera.  Sometimes at big conventions, they will have a professional photographer come and take great pictures with great backgrounds.  Hey Froggy!

Most conventions don't cost an arm and a leg to get into, so it's feasible just to come in cheaply and walk around for free.  But expect to spend a lot for autographs.  Twenty five dollars is a good price for the moment. 

If you still don't want to pay, I suggest that you volunteer.  Most of the time, you don't have a choice of where you work, but you can always suggest where you want to work. 


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